Richard Hughes hughsient at
Fri Jun 12 01:52:31 PDT 2009

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 8:13 PM, Michael
Terry<michael.terry at> wrote:
> With HAL, there was a SetPowerSave dbus command to (basically) run
> pm-powersave.  There doesn't *seem* to be a similar command for
> DeviceKit-power.

I think that's by design, in that we should always be running in
"powersave" mode, not just on battery power. The logic is we run only
as fast as the user needs, and speed up (even on low battery) to
complete the task. Stuff like ondemand illustrate that pretty well.
Kernel drivers can take advantage of the pmqos infrastructure that we
poke in userspace now if a setting affects latency (as most of them

> Is it just a feature that is yet to be written, or is the expectation
> that pm-powersave is not part of the dk-p stack?

I think a lot of that functionality needs to be moved down into the
kernel, and connected up with pmqos so we can control this as a policy
action. I've written tons of stuff about pmqos and latency on my blog.


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