DeviceKit-disks and gnome-disk-utility releases

David Zeuthen david at
Fri May 1 15:51:01 PDT 2009


Some new releases, see [0], [1] and [2]. These release are partly
bugfixes added since we introduced this stack into Fedora 11 but there's
also a bunch of new features such as porting DeviceKit-disks to
libatasmart, a new notification icon for ATA SMART failures

notifications for slow unmount operations

and a Nautilus extension and formatting tool

In addition, I just pushed a dozen+ patches to GVfs's master branch for
using gnome-disk-utility for block device notifications

This will be the default volume monitor in GNOME 2.28 (we're shipping it
right now in Fedora 11).

As such, together with the DeviceKit-power project, the GNOME desktop in
Fedora 11 basically don't depend on HAL (or gnome-mount) any more so
this is a major milestone in the greater HAL-ectomy that Kay wrote about
earlier. We expect to get completely rid of the last HAL bits maybe as
early as GNOME 2.28 / Fedora 12. Rock on!

Plans for the next releases include

 - Porting to PolicyKit 1.0 (and, with my PolicyKit hat on, getting
   that out of the door soon!)
 - Porting to from DeviceKit to libudev
 - Grid based UI for Palimpsest, see

and of course bug fixes and other stuff.


[0] :
SHA1: 092ad5d64502def1204a6446513f4e142926b9db
SHA1: 953cf6390f526d426a5e8092c8b1d846af440eb3

[1] : DeviceKit-004 changes since 003

David Zeuthen (54):
      use dev_t to identify mounts, not device files
      allow users with appropriate authorizations to unmount all fstab mounts
      add a --dump option to devkit-disks(1)
      only export holders/slaves if the devices are in our db
      only use a single PolicyKit action for Linux MD operations
      add newline for debug message
      export all linux-md raid devices (except ones marked as 'clear')
      avoid taking action if a component is removed from an array
      rework default mount options
      don't poll SATA AN drives
      fix up how device-is-system-internal is computed
      port to libatasmart
      forgot to add ATA SMART prober in last commit
      if BLKRRPART fails with EBUSY, just try a few more times
      allow job-num-tasks to be 0 (meaning "unknown")
      ensure a MS-DOS extended partition is busy if logical partitions are busy
      rework partition table handling
      print the scheme of the main partition table, never the nested one
      use /proc/self/mountinfo and handle a device being mounted in multiple places
      export device-major and device-minor properties
      remove device-is-busy property
      remove a lot of unnecessary errors
      remove erase= option and the notion of tasks within jobs
      rework some of the ATA SMART stuff, go back to using sqlite
      fix udev rules to keep udev from complaining
      prefix all D-Bus objects paths with /org/freedesktop/DeviceKit/Disks
      add FindDeviceByMajorMinor() to look up a device by dev_t
      also move umount.devkit over to use the correct object paths
      change devkit-disks(1) to use device node paths instead of object paths
      install udev rules into /lib/udev/rules.d not /etc/udev/rules.d
      fix grammar/spelling for ATA SMART output in devkit-disks(1)
      remove debug spew from mount monitor
      remove hack for working around broken USB card reader
      use /var/run/DeviceKit-disks, not /tmp as a temporary directory
      bump version
      fix a race where /etc/fstab mount points where sometimes removed
      change default mount options for vfat to utf8=1 and shortname=lower
      fix some bugs in the man page
      add command line options to devkit-disks for refreshing ATA SMART data
      use correct dmode for iso9660 mounts
      also check if partitions on a device is busy
      remove debug spew
      add temporary workaround for btrfs
      rework how we detect whether a device is busy
      be more careful when probing for ATA SMART
      add device-presentation-hide property
      document influential udev properties in the DeviceKit-disks man page
      add property device-detection-time
      fix up some warnings
      allow the 'flush' mount option for vfat
      properly detect devices with vfat on the whole disk
      add support for ext2
      add :device-media-detection-time property
      only consider Prefail attibutes when checking for bad attributes

Matthias Clasen (3):
      fix up inhibit parameter handling
      fix typo in error name
      make umount work on mount points

[2] : gnome-disk-utility 0.3 changes since 0.2

Claude Paroz (1):
      Removed non-existent files from

Daniel Nylander (2):
      Added sv translation
      Added sv translation

David Zeuthen (58):
      don't use g_free on a GIcon, use g_object_unref instead
      update to DeviceKit-disks HEAD that only exports a single Linux MD action
      handle inactive and partitioned md devices
      add support for device-is-media-change-detection-polling property
      update MAINTAINERS file
      port to new DeviceKit-disks that uses libatasmart
      fix up docs
      show "Passphrase can't be empty" hint if the passphrase is empty
      update HACKING file
      more i18n fixups
      add some notes about terminology
      use the term "Name" instead of "Label" when creating a partition
      rework terminology for filesystem labels / partition labels
      fix compiler warnings introduced by the last set of patches
      add some experimental code for grid-based layout
      fix some criticals where we tried to access non-existant widgets
      rework partition table handling
      start working on a details view for the grid playground
      nuke nagging dialog
      return non-zero exit code if volume/drive to show does not exist
      fix volume hole detection
      forgot to add gdu-grid-details.[ch]
      bug 576435 – confusing luks labeling
      grid: add a spinner
      update for daemon ABI changes for device-mount-path -> device-mount-paths
      add gdu_device_get_dev() to get the dev_t for a device
      remove gdu_device_is_busy() since device-is-busy was removed from the daemon
      update to trimmed set of errors returned by the daemon
      update to latest DKD API where erase= and tasks within jobs has been removed
      grid: draw free/unrecognized space in a slightly darker color
      update to latest daemon API for some ATA SMART changes
      all D-Bus object paths are now prefixed with /org/freedesktop/DeviceKit/Disks
      fix volume hole detection, logical partitions start at five, not four
      mark grid stuff for translation to pass 'make distcheck'
      post-release version bump
      for now, prepend the D-Bus error name to the error string from the daemon
      allow sections to expand, otherwise the treeview for RAID is never shown
      setup textdomain so translations work
      grid: misc changes
      add notification daemon
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      show an icon in the notification area if one or more disks are failing
      only spew debug if GDU_DEBUG is set to 1
      clean up some more debug spew
      export :device-presentation-hide property in the API
      export new property device-detection-time
      use libnotify to show a notification when a disk is failing
      work around notification-daemon brokenness
      nuke the "It's now safe to remove" dialog after four seconds
      allow passing options to gdu_device_op_filesystem_mount()
      Bug 579997 – don't show notifications before the panel is there
      add support for ext2
      Fix up Nautilus extension
      Rework/refactor formatting tool
      Fix up
      Update commit message guidelines to use a capital letter
      Fix distcheck
      Export :device-media-detection-time property in the API

Jorge Gonzalez (2):
      Added es to LINGUAS
      Added initial Spanish translation by Benjamin Valero

Mario Blättermann (2):
      Added German doc translation
      Added German translation

Matthias Clasen (19):
      HIG fixes
      trivial coding style fix
      avoid dialog resizing
      don't allow empty passphrases
      improved spacing for sections
      string/i18n fixups
      fix the initial window size
      sync GduError to DevkitDisksError
      don't show dbus error names
      add a missing 'else'
      improve the error dialog
      toolbar label improvements
      don't show tasks if the number of tasks is undefined or less than 2
      unique application support
      add cmdline options to specify a device
      bug 576431 – better warning
      Add a nautilus extension and a formatting tool
      Add a forgotten file
      dist TODO

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