DeviceKit-disks and gnome-disk-utility releases

Christophe Fergeau cfergeau at
Mon May 11 01:48:27 PDT 2009


2009/5/2 David Zeuthen <david at>:
> As such, together with the DeviceKit-power project, the GNOME desktop in
> Fedora 11 basically don't depend on HAL (or gnome-mount) any more so
> this is a major milestone in the greater HAL-ectomy that Kay wrote about
> earlier. We expect to get completely rid of the last HAL bits maybe as
> early as GNOME 2.28 / Fedora 12. Rock on!

As part of this so-called "HAL-ectomy", I've been looking at writing
an udev alternative for the hal callout provided by libgpod ( ). Currently, our HAL callout runs when
an iPod is plugged in, it sends some SCSI commands to the ipod and set
info.desktop.icon and using the data returned by
these commands.

So what I tried to do is write an udev rules file matching the iPod
vendor id/product id and triggering a RUN+=my_udev_binary which would
do the work and set DKD_PRESENTATION_NAME and
DKD_PRESENTATION_ICON_NAME in the udev database as explained on

What I managed to do so far is to write this rules file, my binary is
run as expected, and from it I manage to get an udev_device using
libudev. But I got stuck there, I couldn't find any way to set an udev
property using either libudev or devicekit-gobject from my binary. Do
you have any pointer to some doc or code showing how I can set these
properties ?



PS: the current code can be found at , the udev
stuff being in tools/

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