[Pm-utils] Migrating suspend quirks away from hal

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 12:39:52 PST 2009

On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 10:31 AM, Michael Biebl <mbiebl at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2009/11/26 Dan Nicholson <dbn.lists at gmail.com>:
>> I think if this is really the way to go, then shell is not the right
>> tool for the job at runtime. You could write a trivial C program to
>> parse that out and spit out the quirks on stdout for pm-utils to use.
>> Bash is great, but it is not the right tool for all jobs.
> One obvious alternative is, to generate the quirks database at build
> time rather than at runtime on each users computer, and ship it along
> with pm-utils.
> The only disadvantage of this approach that I can see, is that local
> modification (via hal fdi files in /etc) wouldn't be considered.

Yeah, that's kind of what I had in mind, but I see what you mean about
post-install modifications. We could, of course, allow local
modifications in /etc/pm/. At some point, the hal database will go
away, so it might not be that big of a deal.

Either way, I think whatever happens at runtime should be in C rather
than shell. Writing a parser in shell is just not the way to go.


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