UDisks -> media-player-info

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Wed Dec 1 10:58:01 PST 2010

Alex Merry [2010-11-22 20:23 +0000]:
> But if I want to make use of the information that media-player-info provides, 
> I need to mount the filesystem(s) provided by it.  And to do that I need to use 
> UDisks. 

Correct. Well, that, or you use libgdu and gvfs, but I suppose that's
not an option for Solid as it would introduce quite a lot of

> There's also a UDev backend, providing miscellaneous things like CPUs.

Ah, so you directly use libudev anyway for other things? If so, then
I think just using that to find/query the media player devices is

We could theoretically export this as an udisks property, so that you
can only talk to UDisks, but it would sort of violate the architecture
idea behind all this, in the sense of keeping the various subsystem
handlers apart. In modern Linux, udev/libudev is meant as the
canonical API to access/query all kinds of hardware.


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