udisks 1.0.2 released

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Thu Dec 2 01:07:48 PST 2010

Hello all,

here's a long overdue new udisks release, with support for two more
file systems (basic btrfs, and nilfs2), and a whole bunch of bug


  SHA1: a8307d726b7f1255e7008ff708c793a1301d1309
   MD5: f630eefa51b95d6485eb3246bc1bea9a



Changes from udisks 1.0.1:

David Zeuthen (5):
      Post-release version bump to 1.0.2
      Update to latest LVM2 API
      Don't probe non-data discs for partition tables
      Avoid using entities in introspection XML
      Also export UDISKS_DM_TARGET_PARAMS for 'multipath' target

Jiro SEKIBA (4):
      Add nilfs2 file system support
      Add nilfs2 label rename
      udisks: fix a bug of unquoted/unescaped label string
      udisks: escape backslash for label string

Marti Raudsepp (1):
      udisks: Avoid deprecated polkit_authority_get() function

Martin Pitt (24):
      testsuite: Check file permissions
      Bug 28075 — Do not have all files executable on vfat
      testsuite: mkfs() code cleanup
      Fix long hangs on probing nonexistant floppy drives
      Bug 28075 — Do not have files executable on NTFS
      Bug 26258 — initial btrfs support
      Fix btrfs properties
      profile.h: Add missing include
      testsuite: fix race with SMART data
      testsuite: Fix SMART test for SSDs
      testsuite: LVM: fix naming assumptions
      Fix mkfs.ext* arguments
      Fix creating NTFS on raw devices
      testsuite: Move to scsi_debug
      partutil: Explicitly use PART_TYPE_UNKNOWN
      Fix uninitialized variable in part-id
      testsuite: Check forced removal of LUKS encrypted device
      testsuite: Test forced removal of standard devices
      Fix building with Linux 2.6.37
      testsuite: Check correct handling of labels with funny characters
      testsuite: use shorter label for renaming
      Escape NTFS labels properly
      simplify validate_and_escape_label()
      Fix hang on setting invalid VFAT labels

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre (1):
      Bug 30332 — udisks does not tear down LUKS devices when the slave is forci

Matt Zimmerman (1):
      Add udisks --eject option

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