[udisks] CD-ROM polling failed due to O_EXCL flag (poller.c)

PCMan pcman.tw at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 03:53:23 PST 2011

Hi list,
UDisks failed to perform ForceUnmount when I press the physical eject
button on my CDROM.
So I downloaded udisks source code from git and traced it for a while
and then I found the problem.

Here are the related properties of my device.
  device-file:                 /dev/sr0
  removable:                   1
  has media:                   1 (detected at Fri Feb 25 19:16:23 2011)
    detects change:            1
    detection by polling:      1  <---  I have no SATA AN, so polling
is performed.
    detection inhibitable:     1
    detection inhibited:       0  <-- polling of the device is not inhibited.
  is read only:                0
  is mounted:                  1
    vendor:                    HL-DT-ST
    model:                     HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA-4082N
    revision:                  CX08
    serial:                    M0573JA3106
    detachable:                0
    ejectable:                 1
    media:                     optical_cd
    interface:                 scsi
I tested udisks on a clean system in a clean xsession + terminal
emulator so there shouldn't be other programs interfering with udisks.

In src/poller.c, poller_poll_device() :

      fd = open (device_file, O_RDONLY | O_NONBLOCK | O_EXCL);
      if (fd != -1)
          close (fd);

When I inserted a CD, this call to open() succeeded and returned a
valid fd. I enabled POLL_SHOW_DEBUG, and according to the debug
message, the device was polled every 2 seconds as expected.

However, after the device is mounted, either by udisks --mount or by
calling sudo mount myself, open(device_file) always returns -1 here.
Then, I press the physical eject button on my CDROM to get its tray
opened. The polling code should let udisks detect the media removal
and then invokes ForceUnmount, but this is not the case. The call to
open() kept returning -1 every 2 seconds and udisks didn't detect the
media change at all. Checking errno, "Device is busy" is reported.

Then I remove the O_EXCL flag and perform the whole test again. This
time, after the CD is removed by pressing physical eject button, the
open() call succeeded and returned a valid fd. Then, udisks detects
the media change and gracefully perform ForceUnmount for it.
Everything works fine as expected.

In addition, when "Device is busy", I tried fuser and lsof, but none
of them demonstrates other process using the device. However, if I
unmount the device either by calling sudo umount or udisks --unmount,
this error is gone and open() can return a valid fd. Then everything

Removing O_EXCL from this open() call seems to fix the issue, but this
of course is not the correct way to fix it.

Another interesting thing I found is, if I call udisks
--poll-for-media change manually after forced removal of CD with
physical eject button, then udisks can correctly detect media change.
The polling helper process uses the same source code as in poller.c,
but poller.c doesn't work and I don't know why.

Please, if any udisks developer is reading this, test this with a
CDROM without SATA AN. It's 100% reproducible here. The poller is
invoked every 2 seconds correctly, but the polling does not work. One
of my friend have similar problems that after physical eject udisks
didn't detect the change.

I already filed a bug report for this:# 34710.

Thanks a lot.

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