Udisks and/or polkit problems

David Zeuthen zeuthen at gmail.com
Tue May 8 10:06:23 PDT 2012


If you think I'm speaking on behalf of Red Hat on this mailing list,
then you are badly mistaken. The fact that you bring companies into
the mix indicates a poor understanding of how open source communities
work. The fact that I do work for Red Hat really has nothing to do
with this. The problem is that you are not being specific when
reporting bugs. That, and you include a lot of other information that
isn't needed to solve your problem. Worse, you include a lot of
opinions that clearly indicate that you do not seem to understand how
udisks and polkit works nor why it's there. Then when you are asked to
provide specifics, you just copy-paste old information.

Good luck,

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