[udisks] moving shared mounts from /media to /run/media ?

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Tue Feb 19 09:11:14 PST 2013

Hi David,

I noticed your commit "Introduce UDISKS_FILESYSTEM_SHARED=1 to use
/media for mounting". The feature makes sense in my opinion. However,
I wonder if it would be even better to keep this in /run/media (or
possibly in a subfolder to avoid name-clashes).

With the move from udisks1 to udisks2 we ditched /media from Arch, and
it would be nice not to have to reintroduce it. Mainly to keep the
rootfs simple, but also to avoid encouraging misuse of /media, to let
udisks mantain the /run/media folder itself, and it might also make
sense to make sure that shared mounts and private mounts are mounted
on the same kind of fs.

If you are open to the idea I'll post a patch.



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