Help with udisks2 and automounting a certain thumb drive as read-only.

Thomas Gläßle t_glaessle at
Fri Jan 27 14:04:38 UTC 2017


I'm not sure whether I'm the right person to answer, but here is my few

It really depends on how you want to mount. Say you are using udiskie
[1], you can put a rule in the config file, to specify your device as
readonly, like this:


    - id_uuid: E457-0FC9
      options: [ro]

where you have to put the UUID of your filesystem.

(disclaimer, I'm the maintainer of udiskie)

If you want to keep a simpler solution with an udev rule, which tool do
you use for mounting - udisksctl? In this case: `udisksctl mount`
accepts a parameter `--options=ro` to achieve the same.

You could show me your current rule and script, so we can figure out how
to modify that.

Best, Thomas


Spork Schivago wrote on 01/21/2017 07:42 PM:
> Hello,
> I sent this message yesterday after signing up to the mailing list,
> but I sent it before I got the Welcome to the "devkit-devel" mailing
> list e-mail, so I'm not sure it actually went through.
> I found this mailing list when I was searching for what I wanted to
> accomplish.   I saw someone was submitting a patch to accomplish what
> I wanted to accomplish, however, the patch wasn't accepted (for
> various reasons).   I thought maybe the fellow members could help me
> or point me in the right direction so I can get help for my problem.  
> I'm not certain that this is the proper mailing list to ask for help,
> and if it's not, I apologize.   Perhaps someone could show me a more
> fitting mailing list?
> I want a certain thumb drive to always auto-mount as read-only, but
> only that thumb drive.   I tried writing a custom udev rule and I got
> it to the point where I inputed just that thumb drive, it'd execute a
> script.   When I removed it, it'd execute another script.   I tried
> calling mount and unmount from those scripts, I tried using udisksctl
> to mount the thumb drive, but they don't work at that stage of the
> process and fail.
> I followed a tutorial on Arch Linux's website that says how to use
> mount in a udev rule, by changing MountFlags to shared in some file
> called systemd-udev.service or something like that.   That didn't
> allow me to use the mount command.    The most important part is the
> thumb drive needs to mount under the /run/media/<username>/<fs label>.
>   I really want that.    Otherwise, I could just setup an fstab entry.
> Does anyone know how to accomplish what I want to accomplish?    I'm
> running OpenSuSE Tumbleweed and Gnome.   I believe I have udisks2
> installed.   I'm fairly new to this, so again, I apologize if I'm not
> providing the right information.
> Thanks!
> Ken Swarthout
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