Help with udisks2 and automounting a certain thumb drive as read-only.

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Sat Jan 21 18:42:13 UTC 2017


I sent this message yesterday after signing up to the mailing list, but I
sent it before I got the Welcome to the "devkit-devel" mailing list e-mail,
so I'm not sure it actually went through.

I found this mailing list when I was searching for what I wanted to
accomplish.   I saw someone was submitting a patch to accomplish what I
wanted to accomplish, however, the patch wasn't accepted (for various
reasons).   I thought maybe the fellow members could help me or point me in
the right direction so I can get help for my problem.   I'm not certain
that this is the proper mailing list to ask for help, and if it's not, I
apologize.   Perhaps someone could show me a more fitting mailing list?

I want a certain thumb drive to always auto-mount as read-only, but only
that thumb drive.   I tried writing a custom udev rule and I got it to the
point where I inputed just that thumb drive, it'd execute a script.   When
I removed it, it'd execute another script.   I tried calling mount and
unmount from those scripts, I tried using udisksctl to mount the thumb
drive, but they don't work at that stage of the process and fail.

I followed a tutorial on Arch Linux's website that says how to use mount in
a udev rule, by changing MountFlags to shared in some file called
systemd-udev.service or something like that.   That didn't allow me to use
the mount command.    The most important part is the thumb drive needs to
mount under the /run/media/<username>/<fs label>.   I really want that.
 Otherwise, I could just setup an fstab entry.

Does anyone know how to accomplish what I want to accomplish?    I'm
running OpenSuSE Tumbleweed and Gnome.   I believe I have udisks2
installed.   I'm fairly new to this, so again, I apologize if I'm not
providing the right information.


Ken Swarthout
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