Introduction round?

Ghee Teo Ghee.Teo at Sun.COM
Fri Mar 7 03:32:44 PST 2008

Vincent Untz wrote:
> Hi,
> Since it's hard to know who's here right now, maybe we can make some
> introduction round?
> I can even start it :-) I'm Vincent Untz, mainly a GNOME hacker (see
> if you want more details), and I
> recently joined the openSUSE development team.
 I'm Ghee Teo, primary works on GNOME (for Solaris) by fixing bugs 
reporting bugs.[1]
 Just realized that I have not an entry at, but my blog 
page is here

 I have been working for Sun Microsystems for 11 years, starting with 
CDE  and then
onto GNOME as a developer. So you can see that my current activities are 
on printing.

I like to be here because I sometimes have this feeling that Solaris is 
not considered
equal to Linux, that could be my own perception. I do hope with 
OpenSolaris and me
joining this list and share and understand what other distros are 
experiencing  such that
perception be it self-imposed or otherwise will go away.

But the more importantly, I like to learn how other distros manage the 
distros specific
features and how to do this effectively and also to share  my experience 
should that
be useful to anyone out there :)


[1] Actually was working on the GNOME membership committee for about a 
year when
Vincent was also there.

> I'm here because I'm curious, but I also have one or two ideas to share,
> when I'll have some time to elaborate... Also, I guess I'm interested in
> all things related to the desktop in general.
> Who's next? :-)
> Vincent

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