Introduction round?

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Fri Mar 7 04:01:15 PST 2008

Vincent Untz wrote:
> Hi,
> Since it's hard to know who's here right now, maybe we can make some
> introduction round?
> I can even start it :-) I'm Vincent Untz, mainly a GNOME hacker (see
> if you want more details), and I
> recently joined the openSUSE development team.

Hello everyone,

I am Rahul Sundaram and I have been interested in cross distribution 
collaboration for quite sometime. I work for Red Hat and contribute to 
Fedora in my spare time. I was a founding member of the Fedora Board and 
work on bits and pieces in various projects all around including most 
recently the Fedora Games Spin and Fedora Xfce Spin

Good to get started here.


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