Introduction round?

Og Maciel ogmaciel at
Fri Mar 7 05:17:19 PST 2008

Hi there,

My name is Og Maciel and I'm mainly a translator for upstream teams
such as GNOME, XFCE, Openbox, some sporadic KDE translations as well
as some packages that don't 'belong' to a group. I am part of the
Ubuntu Brazilian Council and an  administrator for their translation
team . I also maintain a few packages for Foresight Linux.

Through the years I have become a distro agnostic guy and more
interested in how to avoid redundancies and get teams to cooperate
with each other, so you can see how I became interested in this list
and topic. I have seen some redundancy as far as translations goes,
specially coming from Ubuntu and am interested to learn how other
distros handle this facet of their distributions (luckly Foresight
takes all translations from upstream as they come without

Og B. Maciel

omaciel at
ogmaciel at
ogmaciel at

GPG Keys: D5CFC202 (en_US) (pt_BR)

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