[Pool] Help me to rename trash command of trash-cli?

Andrea Francia andrea at andreafrancia.it
Sat Jan 3 15:52:10 PST 2009

   I'm the developer of the trash-cli project.

The trash-cli project is a opensource implementation of the FreeDesktop.org
Trash Specification that provides a command line interface to manage the

Ideally trash-cli provides these commands:

 * trash            # trashes files and directories.
 * trash-empty      # empty the trashcan(s).
 * trash-list       # list trashed files.
 * trash-restore    # restore a trashed file.

While the trash-cli project was already added to Debian and Ubuntu without
any problem, but the RedHat package reviewer thinks that the name of the
'trash' command is too generic, and they don't want add it to fedora until
generic name issue has not been solved.

The discussion about the renaming started on [1], and followed in [2] which
summarized in [3].

[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=448122
[3] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FWN/Issue147

Now, if I want my project will be added to Fedora, I need to rename the
command, but I'm not able to find a name good as the original one.

In any case I think a good choice keep the trash-* form because it exploit
shell TAB completion.

I collected some ideas for renamng the 'trash' command. Would you like help
to choose the best one? Do you know a better name?

In the beginning I was persuaded to use the 'trash-file' name but I don't
it very much. As Christoph Bloch pointed out [4],

> My arguments against "trash-file":
> * It is not intuitive and therefore unnecessarily difficult to memorise.
> * It is unnecessarily long.
> * Every change in the name of programs causes confusion, so the new
>   should be a clear improvement (which it isn't).
> * It is even wrong: Directories can be trashed, too.
> Just "trash" was much better.


Here the alternatives (some of them are ugly, I know it, but maybe they help
to find a better name) :

 * trash-put
 * trash-put-in
 * trash-trash
 * trash-throw
 * trash-f
 * trash-rm
 * trash-recycle
 * trash-do
 * trash-to

 * trash-
 * trash-now
 * trash-!
 * trash2
 * trash
 * trashit

 * trash-item
 * trash-entry
 * trash-elem
 * trash-path
 * trash-data

 * trash-this
 * trash-it
 * trash-that
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