[Pool] Help me to rename trash command of trash-cli?

Ben Finney ben+freedesktop at benfinney.id.au
Sat Jan 3 16:15:30 PST 2009

"Andrea Francia" <andrea at andreafrancia.it> writes:

>  * trash            # trashes files and directories.
>  * trash-empty      # empty the trashcan(s).
>  * trash-list       # list trashed files.
>  * trash-restore    # restore a trashed file.
> While the trash-cli project was already added to Debian and Ubuntu
> without any problem, but the RedHat package reviewer thinks that the
> name of the 'trash' command is too generic, and they don't want add
> it to fedora until the generic name issue has not been solved.

Another issue is that the grammar is confusingly inconsistent.
Natural-language grammar matters a great deal, because that's the
analogy our brains use when learning the artifical grammar of a
command's syntax.

In the first one, “trash” is presumably to be treated as a verb,
operating on the object supplied as an argument. In the latter three,
“trash” is a noun topic, with “empty”, “list”, and “restore”
as verbs operating on the object supplied as argument.

For consistency, I would expect the “put FOO in the trash” command
to follow the same form as the latter three. I suggest the command
form could be ‘trash-put FOO’.

> In the beginning I was persuaded to use the 'trash-file' name but I
> don't like it very much.

For the reasons above, I don't like it either: it is inconsistent with
the others, departing from the ‘$TOPIC-$VERB $OBJECT’ form established
by the others.

That rules out all of the following, as confusingly departing from the
form used by the other existing commands:

>  * trash-trash
>  * trash-throw
>  * trash-f
>  * trash-do
>  * trash-
>  * trash-now
>  * trash-!
>  * trash2
>  * trash
>  * trashit
>  * trash-item
>  * trash-entry
>  * trash-elem
>  * trash-path
>  * trash-data
>  * trash-this
>  * trash-it
>  * trash-that

Leaving the following contenders as, at least, following the

>  * trash-put
>  * trash-put-in
>  * trash-rm
>  * trash-recycle
>  * trash-to

I recommend ‘trash-put FOO’ as the least ugly or confusing.

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