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Pavol Rusnak prusnak at
Wed Nov 10 05:07:03 PST 2010

On 09/11/10 17:12, Jorge O. Castro wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> At the Ubuntu Developer Summit I was made aware of efforts to make
> package descriptions suck less for users. Here's what we have so far:
> I was made aware that openSUSE and Debian were also interested in
> improving these descriptions, so I thought I'd start a thread on what
> efforts each distribution has made in this area and if there's any
> places where we could share work on this as there's plenty of overlap
> here. Thanks!

How about creating a simple git repo on freedesktop, which will contain 
files <packagename>.<ext> (<packagename> being the name of the package 
and <ext> one of the format we decided to use to: yaml, xml, json). 
Different names in distributions could be solved very easily by symlinks 
(e.g. gtk+2.0->gtk2 ). If someone wants to she could create webservice 
for this, but IMO for most cases git checkout should do just fine.

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