Cross distro effort to port modules to python3

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Thu Oct 21 11:49:11 PDT 2010

Hey all, if you're not a python packager/programmer or don't know any that
might find this interesting, you can ignore it :-)

Recently, a few python packagers from a couple Linux distributions started
thinking about wanting to port more python modules to python3 to aid in
migration and respond to the user demand for python3 versions of some
software.  We came to the conclusion that we're all feeling our way down
this path, writing a little patch here and a little patch there as we try to
make a package here or a package there compatible.  This is good organic
growth but has some limitations: different distributions tending to
reinvent the same changes, patches floating around unaccepted by upstreams,
and common porting issues having to be discovered by each person

To try to fix these problems we've decided to colaborate on the
python-porting mailing list:

and try to organize some information about various python3 ports that we
have done, what patches were needed, whether the changes have gone upstream,
etc in the python wiki.  A braindump of things that would help is here:

If you are working on python/python3 in your distro or could forward this on
to someone who is interested in this subject in your distro, we'd be most

(So far I know that Barry Warsaw of Debian/Ubuntu and Dave Malcolm and
I from Fedora have subscribed to the list and tlaking about what more we can

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