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Fri Apr 1 13:46:40 PDT 2011

On Fri, Apr 01, 2011 at 03:11:30PM -0500, Donnie Berkholz wrote:
> Do any of you have useful software that scans source code to determine 
> its dependencies? We're considering a Google Summer of Code project that 
> would include this as one aspect of a semi-automated package generator, 
> but I'd hate to see us duplicating effort.
> The basic idea I had in mind is a set of plugins, one per language, with 
> a sufficient understanding of that language's syntax to determine the 
> external files a given piece of code depends on. We'd then couple that 
> with a tool like distromatch to figure out which packages the files came 
> from.
rpm has one for perl.

We've bandied about ideas and sample code for python -- but there's two
forms of python deps; those that are created via egginfo and those that are
a product of importing modules.

I think that we have dep generators for ocaml and erlang as well (these are
shipped in some base erlang and ocaml package in Fedora).

Oh!  Regarding distromatch -- at PyCon, Allison Randall and I were figuring
out how to match packages in Fedora, packages in Ubuntu, and packages on
pypi (upstream python code hosting) together.  We came up with sonmething
pretty interesting.  tarballs.  The name portion of a tarballs/zip file/etc
can be used to match a large number of source packages together.  Even for
packages which generate multiple binary subpackages, this should help narrow
down which binary packages are not even remotely related despite having
similar names.

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