Results of the App Installer Meeting

FlorianFesti ffesti at
Thu Jan 27 11:44:35 PST 2011

On 01/27/2011 08:33 PM, seth vidal wrote:
> At the risk of adding lots of fun complexity to this - I've already been
> asked about apps which are not desktop apps.
> Specifically for deploying pkgs based on browsing for webapps.
> "I want to look for webapps I can deploy on my hosted servers"
> Not a desktop app, but definitely an app.
> Then again - I assume that this list is only about desktop things - so
> it's probably moot.
Nope. I consider this a perfectly valid use case. I really don't see a 
reason why it shouldn't be possible to provide either a desktop file or 
an appdata.xml entry for such "apps". It's something at least I want to 
keep in mind and that actually has been discussed on the meeting.

For now it it probably better to just stick to the desktop applications 
and add other complications as soon as we actually have something up and 
running that we can add complications to.

To translate this into Fedora's name space: There is the perspective 
that appdata.xml replaces a part of the functionality that comps 
currently has. But this is still far away and we need to think about the 
other functionality of comps thoroughly before something like this can 


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