Reviving AppStream and current status

Vincent Untz vuntz at
Tue Mar 20 04:19:51 PDT 2012

Le mardi 20 mars 2012, à 11:54 +0100, Matthias Klumpp a écrit :
> Hi!
> I can give some feedback from Debian.
> Unfortunately, we can't use the proposed XML-based format on Debian,
> because this is an unusual format for Debian which our ftpmasters
> don't like.
> Because Debian generally lacks some metadata for packages (including
> stuff I can use in my Listaller[1] trial, hehe), I created the
> DEP11[2] proposal, together with Michael Vogt and Julian A. Klode. So
> Debian will use a RFC822-style format to store AppStream data and a
> bunch of other stuff. From this data, we will then generate the Xapian
> database, which the new Software Center can use.
> Theoretically, we could use the Ubuntu Software Center on Debian, but
> maybe we could switch to the fork, if this provides benefits to
> Debian. (The USC is - naturally - very Ubuntu-centric)
> So please, don't depend on the XML stuff directly anywhere ;-)

The code using the XML is contained in softwarecenter/db/, and
is actually already ready to deal with different formats -- Michael did
that work a while ago. So I don't expect any issue here :-)

> Ubuntu will likely switch to DEP11 data, as they can benefit from it too.
> All other Debian-related stuff can happen when DEP11 is implemented, I
> don't know how fast I'll be with this. (less Python knowledge, much to
> do for university, probably a GSoC project to finish)
> I someone wants to help... :D
> In general, there is progress on Debian's side, depending on the
> freezes we might have something working at the end of this year :)




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