Why aren't there more distros based on Debian stable?

Jason Hsu jhsu802701 at jasonhsu.com
Sat Feb 2 20:43:00 PST 2013

While there are many distros based on Debian unstable or Debian testing, it seems to me that there are very few distros based on Debian stable.  I can even think of distros that were once based on Debian stable but are now based on Debian testing.  (MEPIS Linux, antiX Linux, and Crunchbang Linux come to mind.)

Why are distros based on Debian stable so scarce?  I know that Debian stable uses older software, but I would think that a significant percentage of computer users don't feel the need to have the latest and greatest software.  Debian stable has advantages like being more lightweight and easier to keep up-to-date WITHOUT breakages.

Jason Hsu <jhsu802701 at jasonhsu.com>

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