AppStream need more SNS function

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Fri May 16 01:17:31 PDT 2014

On 16 May 2014 09:07, 梁辰晔 <liangchenye at> wrote:
> I think the reason is: linux is fragmentation.

No, fragmentation is not the issue here. AppStream was always designed
to be a high-level metadata designed to have a shared *schema* with
different datasets for different distributions.

> Appstream is more realistic, but.. how to say, the architecture does not
> look beautiful,

AppStream is really just a schema. We can certainly bolt on screenshot
servers or an API to do ratings and reviews, but at it's heart is just
different distributions agreeing to share a common metadata format.

> at least, for a SNS web, it is not.

Social networking has a huge number of advantages, and a huge number
of disadvantages. There are all kinds of legal, technical and
political issues with integrating with existing social network
frameworks, and many downsides for rolling yet another sign in system.
Smaller issues about whether a review of Firefox 29.0 on Fedora 20
should be shown to a Debian user running a much older version of
iceweasel, or whether a screenshot using all the Ubuntu branding
should be shown on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Should reviews in English
be shown to a user that only speaks French? It's not at all simple.

That said, I do think we can standardise on some parts of the API.
It's not an easy task however.

> You can access and test its api.

What's the privacy policy? Is "All contributors are responsible for
the lawfulness of their uploads" legally valid in all jurisdictions?
Just examples, but you get the idea.


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