Intel DRM driver for SNB

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Thanks for the answer

I actually have no a rather simple prototype doing shared memory between CPU and GPU. Basically:
1/ I create a buffer B
2/ I map B and get a pointer to it
3/ I exec a batch buffer with B still mapped (ugly) and B pointed via a surface state internally 
4/ CPU and GPU are communicating throught B

To make things cleaner, I would like to let a non-root user pin the buffer in GTT (so change the ioctl rights) and write one more ioctl to make the CPU pages unevictable in shmfs (if I am right)

I would like to write an external module on top of i915 for these two functions. However, I am not sure I can get symbols from i915 properly. Is a i915 patch the only solution? 


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On 2010.12.06 15:18:02 -0800, Segovia, Benjamin wrote:
> Hello all,
> is the kernel driver configured to support reads/writes to LLC (last level cache i.e. L3) on SNB?

Now it's under limited use for the buffer that is sure to be cached,
e.g hw status page, etc. code lives in drivers/char/agp/intel-gtt.c.

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