[Bug 30812] radeon module fails to initialize with modeset=1 on PPC32 with RV280

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Wed Mar 9 07:32:56 PST 2011


--- Comment #9 from Kim Nguyen <bugzilla_kernel_org at nguyen.vg>  2011-03-09 15:32:53 ---
radeon.agpmode=1 works! Seems X is happy too, glxinfo shows direct rendering.
actually agpmode=-1 or agpmode > 1 both trigger the bug.

Would it be easy to default to 1 if uninorth agp is detected ? (maybe not worth
it, there are not so many ppc32 configs out there. So it might just be enough
to advertise on the radeon faq/howto page that agpmode=1 is recommended for
uninorth agp).

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