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> Reply: Question on S3 on evergreen
> Xav, thanks for your reminder. Actually our law leam has already
> checked the license. As Dave said, the DRM kernel driver is all
> MIT-licensed and we will be free to use them. When the drm uses
> linux kernel function calls, we will use freebsd(none-GPL)
> equivalent to replace.
> Dave, by the way, I want to ask you about some exceptions in DRM. you
> know in some files(i.e. drm_fb_helper.c), it includes
> MODULE_LICENSE("GPL and additional rights"). Does it mean it is GPL
> licensed? Is it free to use this file?

Those files are derived from the kernel fb layer so are not drm core infrastructure.

They make no sense on other OSes, since they don't have the same kernel fb layer.


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