system_nrt_wq, system suspend, and the freezer

David Howells dhowells at
Thu Feb 16 08:35:51 PST 2012

Tejun Heo <tj at> wrote:

> > > My question to all of you: Should system_nrt_wq be made freezable, or 
> > > should I create a new workqueue that is both freezable and 
> > > non-reentrant?  And if I do, which of the usages above should be 
> > > converted to the new workqueue?
> > 
> > As far as keys are concerned, it's only for garbage collection purposes, so
> > having it freezable shouldn't be a problem.
> If freezing is not strictly necessary, please avoid marking it as
> freezable.


The key_garbage_collector work item is marked neither freezable nor
unfreezable that I can see.


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