[Bug 55692] [KMS][Cayman] Garbled screen and oops with 6950 with linus git from 20121006 (3.7-rc0)

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Wed Oct 17 15:06:56 PDT 2012


--- Comment #35 from Alexandre Demers <alexandre.f.demers at gmail.com> ---
I've been playing a bit (booting and restarting with kernel 3.7-rc1) and
strangely, what I see is very similar to what I was observing in bug 43655. It
was then merged with bug 42373. At the time, attachment 64759 was proposed and
a similar patch ended up being commited that fixed bug 43655 for me (but it
never fixed bug 42373 on NI CAICOS).

I'll try the workaround used at the time to see if it is really related to bug
43655 (comments 8 and 10) and I'll begin bisecting kernel right after.

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