[Bug 64201] OpenCL usage result segmentation fault on r600g with HD6850.

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Wed Sep 4 10:02:43 PDT 2013


--- Comment #44 from Aaron Watry <awatry at gmail.com> ---
I just retested on my CEDAR with fresh git mesa/llvm. bfgminer is still working
correctly for 5+ minutes without a single lock-up on my machine.  Kernel is
3.11 final with DPM enabled.

The following are the only patches that I have applied that are not yet



You probably don't need that last patch, since it's targeted at Southern

I honestly don't know if any of those patches would improve anything for you,
but it's what I just successfully tested my evergreen with. You may need to do
some slight re-basing of the first patch to take into account some of the
recent changes in r600g.

I do have my 6850 installed in an old Athlon 64 machine at home.  I was already
thinking of hooking that machine back up (it's in storage at the moment), so I
may be able to re-test this on my 6850 in the next few days... assuming I don't
get sidetracked by house maintenance issues.

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