[Bug 68451] Texture flicker in native Dota2 in mesa 9.2.0rc1

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Thu Sep 12 06:40:35 PDT 2013


--- Comment #17 from Marko Srebre <bgz.marko at gmail.com> ---
I am also having this behavior in Dota2. Peter, are you sure
7948ed1250cae78ae1b22dbce4ab23aceacc6159 is the first non-working? Can you try
one earlier commit, 1b40398d024d2ac5c8e8b78d0f4941e2a007de2c, and confirm that
it works? Because, I am seeing the corruption on even earlier (haven't figured
out yet how much earlier).

Maybe I am doing something wrong, I am compiling 32-bit mesa on otherwise
64-bit system, but I can see my own printf()'s I've put in to make sure the
correct library is loaded when running Dota2.

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