[Bug 82055] [HAWAII] Running some programs, when HW acceleration is on, causes X to spike in CPU usage → unresponsive desktop

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> (In reply to comment #4)
> > Yes, Twitch, like YouTube, requires Flash.
> Actually, YouTube doesn't require Flash, at least not for many videos.

If I go by top, then the CPU usage of the plugin container spikes for all
videos on YouTube (usually to about 30-50% on one core with Flash HW
acceleration enabled). But as <https://www.youtube.com/html5> tells me I'm
using the default player, that doesn't seem too surprising.

> > > Does doing anything in particular trigger it in MediathekView?
> > 
> > Sort of: just starting is enough. You get the grey window background at
> > below average speed and then it takes seconds until the UI elements are
> > drawn (list of shows, filter boxes, buttons). Afterwards you can trigger a
> > new CPU spike by trying to click anything or even better on each
> > keypress/character input into the title filter field on the left.
> I can reproduce this with glamor from xserver 1.16.0, but not from current
> xserver Git master. So at least that part is already fixed.

Oh, nice. Do you know which commit resolves this? If not, do you need a bisect?
If yes, will that commit be backported to the 1.16 branch?

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