[Bug 82586] UBO matrix in std140 struct does not work

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> "What is the failure mode?"
> Don't follow

You say it doesn't work.  That's pretty vague.  If it fails in some way, what
is the mode of the failure?  (See also

Are the member locations incorrect (query through the API)?  Is the row-major /
column-major orientation of the matrices incorrect (query through the API)?  Is
the generated code reading the wrong locations?  Does it crash in the driver? 
Does your computer catch on fire?

Without any information about how it actually fails, it's pretty much
impossible to fix.

> "What version of Mesa are you on?"
> https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers
> Seem couple days old.

When I check it now, it should have everything.  The other question: does this
work on older Mesa?  Say... a 10.2 stable release?

> "Can you try a build of master?"
> Can't I just wait for new build in PPA?

You can... at some point there will probably be a patch for you to test, and
that won't be in PPA.  You can probably wait to worry about it until such a
patch exists.

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