[Bug 82586] UBO matrix in std140 struct does not work

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> You say it doesn't work.  That's pretty vague.  If it fails in some way,
> what is the mode of the failure?  (See also
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Failure_causes#Component_failure)
It just does not display anything, hence either whole pipeline crashes (and
OpenGL KHR_debug does not print it out) or the transform moves vertices outside
clipping region (I might try transform feedback over weekend).

> Are the member locations incorrect (query through the API)?  Is the
> row-major / column-major orientation of the matrices incorrect (query
> through the API)?  Is the generated code reading the wrong locations?  Does
> it crash in the driver?  Does your computer catch on fire?
Locations are correct (at least if gl query returns them properly). I do not
know, I do not read anything (or I do not follow). How do I know if it crashes
in driver? No, though DPM is really bad.

> Without any information about how it actually fails, it's pretty much
> impossible to fix.

If I apply one of the matrices, it works, if I multiply two of them, it does

> When I check it now, it should have everything.  The other question: does
> this work on older Mesa?  Say... a 10.2 stable release?
Yes, it works on 10.2.5

> You can... at some point there will probably be a patch for you to test, and
> that won't be in PPA.  You can probably wait to worry about it until such a
> patch exists.

Ok, hope the process is seamless.

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