[Bug 82455] Failed to allocate virtual address for buffer

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Thu Aug 28 06:58:46 PDT 2014


--- Comment #28 from charlie <407883775 at qq.com> ---
>>Looks like maybe your Mesa build picked up a non-Mesa EGL/eglext.h which doesn't pull in eglmesaext.h, so EGL_MESA_screen_surface isn't defined in src/egl/main/eglconfig.c .

  Sorry , I am not clean about you saying . Do you means is that the
eglmesaext.h(PATH:include/EGL/eglmesaext.h) need including EGL/eglext.h file?

  I change it , but not help.

  or , I add EGL_MESA_screen_surface define in  src/egl/main/eglconfig.c 

  #define  EGL_MESA_screen_surface 1 .

  the problem didn't solved.

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