[Bug 66281] DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo crashes and causes session to restart

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--- Comment #5 from Ilia Mirkin <imirkin at alum.mit.edu> ---
(In reply to Gaurav Shukla from comment #4)
> (c) How do I check that runtime pm and vga switcheroo are enabled in my
> kernel. (Sorry, but I am a newbie to Linux).

If you have your .config (which, depending on options, may be visible from
/proc/config.gz), you can look for


Make sure both of those are set to 'y'. (This is only for optimus-type systems,
of which I'm assuming yours is one.)

> (d) I cannot be sure about this as well. AFAIK, the nouveau module is built
> into the kernel. The modinfo result is as below:

xf86-video-nouveau is the xorg ddx which interacts with the kernel driver. In
some distros, for maximal confusion, it is called something else, like
xorg-xserver-video-nouveau or something like that (don't have the exact name,

> Actually I am working on some OpenGL/GLSL projects, for which I need GLSL
> 4.3, which I believe is still not available in nouveau driver. I was looking
> forward to be able to install the latest NVIDIA drivers. Will mesa 10,2-rcl
> solve this issue? Can you please recommend any other solution.

Mesa 10.2 will support a few more extensions which are part of GL4+, but will
not provide all the features required to advertise GL 4.0 support (or GL 4.3,
obviously). You can see the general progress of things at

However it's rare to need ALL of the features available in GL 4.3, so chances
are you could restrict yourself to a lower, supported version + a few

Also note that GK208, while covered by the nvc0 driver, has some extra-special
issues that the GK10x cards (and GF1xx cards) don't have. Hopefully they'll be
resolved semi-soon, but the hardware is not easily available.

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