[Bug 66281] DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo crashes and causes session to restart

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--- Comment #6 from Gaurav Shukla <areyaargaurav at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Ilia Mirkin from comment #5)
> (In reply to Gaurav Shukla from comment #4)
> > (c) How do I check that runtime pm and vga switcheroo are enabled in my
> > kernel. (Sorry, but I am a newbie to Linux).
> If you have your .config (which, depending on options, may be visible from
> /proc/config.gz), you can look for
> Make sure both of those are set to 'y'. (This is only for optimus-type
> systems, of which I'm assuming yours is one.)
> > 
> > (d) I cannot be sure about this as well. AFAIK, the nouveau module is built
> > into the kernel. The modinfo result is as below:

There is no config.gz file in my system. I have tried using "locate" as well.
Is there some other way I can find this out.

> xf86-video-nouveau is the xorg ddx which interacts with the kernel driver.
> In some distros, for maximal confusion, it is called something else, like
> xorg-xserver-video-nouveau or something like that (don't have the exact
> name, sorry).

Can you please tell me how to find out (or search) if this is the case. Even if
you can tell me where and how to look for, I will follow.  
> > Actually I am working on some OpenGL/GLSL projects, for which I need GLSL
> > 4.3, which I believe is still not available in nouveau driver. I was looking
> > forward to be able to install the latest NVIDIA drivers. Will mesa 10,2-rcl
> > solve this issue? Can you please recommend any other solution.

The latest mesa based DRI drivers through yum is listed as 10.1.1. Will it

> Mesa 10.2 will support a few more extensions which are part of GL4+, but
> will not provide all the features required to advertise GL 4.0 support (or
> GL 4.3, obviously). You can see the general progress of things at
> http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/tree/docs/GL3.txt.
> However it's rare to need ALL of the features available in GL 4.3, so
> chances are you could restrict yourself to a lower, supported version + a
> few extensions.
> Also note that GK208, while covered by the nvc0 driver, has en some
> extra-special issues that the GK10x cards (and GF1xx cards) don't have.
> Hopefully they'll be resolved semi-soon, but the hardware is not easily
> available.

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