[Bug 78242] Steam cannot load mesa drivers (libGL error: driver pointer missing)

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--- Comment #5 from Emil Velikov <emil.l.velikov at gmail.com> ---
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> > It's a steam bug, not a mesa one
> I disagree: this (naïvely linking LLVM) is a change in mesa that breaks many
> binary software packages, not just Steam. While the steam-runtime will
> likely get a fix for this at some point, some older games may not be so
> lucky.
I would say that both parties are to "blame" on this one. AFAICS the topic of
to ship libgcc_s/libstdc++ or not has always been a interesting one.

> What you are doing here is introducing additional problems where none
> existed before.
I beg to disagree here. Mesa has linked against libgcc_s and libstdc++ since
forever. Whereas the static/shared linking against LLVM has always been a
configure time decision.

> Please reconsider statically linking libLLVM and required
> C++/GCC libs into *_dri.so or finding some other solution to not conflict
> with programs loading libGL. (An even stricter RTLD_LOCAL that completely
> namespaces libs would be nice to have here …)
Static linking against gcc/c++ seems like a bit of a pain as libtool,
unconditionally appends "-lgcc -lgcc_s -lstdc++" (as defined by postdeps), thus
-Wl,--static.. and/or -static-lib{gcc,stdc++} does not really help.

If you have any solid suggestion please put them forward.

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