[Bug 79338] Something's broken after llvm's svn commit 209067

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--- Comment #4 from José Suárez <j.suarez.agapito at gmail.com> ---
Thank you for your quick reply, Michel.

The ppa I use is llvm.org's ppa (llvm.org/apt/) for Ubuntu 14.04 so I guess it
will just be plain upstream with no additional patches.

With regard to compiling, I have two chroot environments, one is i386 and the
other one is amd64, which I use to recompile mesa (from oibaf's ubuntu ppa)
with llvm 3.5 via dpkg-buildpackage (previously editing debian/rules so that
the config looks for llvm 3.5 rather than llvm 3.4).

I have tried to compile the original tar.gz packages (dpkg-buildpackage) from
the llvm.org ppa within those two chroot environments but I just can't get them
to work (config fails complaining about llvm tools, if I remember correctly,
even though I downloaded all the tar.gz packages in the ppa and among which
there was a package named llvm extra tools or something like that). Using
apt-source results in obtaining the llvm 3.4 source tarball from Ubuntu's
repositories, not the one from llvm.org, so that does not help either. I think
that manually compiling llvm is a bit too much for me (I am not that advanced),
so I'll try to get the dpkg-buildpackage working. If that doesn't work I guess
I'll give a look at manually compiling.

I have never used apitrace either but I will try to find instructions and give
it a go.

I currently don't have too much free time due to real life (TM) but I'll try to
address the llvm compilation (and bisect) and apitrace test. I'll also check
newer llvm builds from the ppa in order to check if the problem has been

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