[Bug 95911] Recursive error in radeon device driver module after resume from hibernation

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Tue Aug 4 15:43:15 PDT 2015


--- Comment #18 from gitne at excite.co.jp ---
Just FYI:
I have just tested kernel version 4.0.8. Unfortunately, the problem still
persists. Additionally, since kernel version 3.15.7 the machine does not power
down after swapping the hibernation data to disk.

While trying to resolve this problem perhaps via a workaround, I have tried
forcing the kernel to use BIOS routines where possible, just to rule out the
possibility of any hardware bugs that may have been worked around in the BIOS.
This did not improve the situation either. So, I still assume that the radeon
device driver is or can be put into invalid state from user space.

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