[Bug 95911] Recursive error in radeon device driver module after resume from hibernation

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Tue Aug 18 00:23:34 PDT 2015


--- Comment #19 from gitne at excite.co.jp ---
Just tested kernel version 4.1.4, and I have also started playing with some of
the radeon module parameters. It turns out that when I set radeon.msi=0
everything works as expected. No ring test failures anymore and hibernation
works perfect too. However, when I set radeon.msi to 1 or -1 (auto) I get
exactly the same behavior as described earlier.

As it turns out the message signaled interrupts code in the radeon device
driver module is broken. I have had similar behavior with the Radeon Mobility
2600 HD (R630). The difference was that hibernation worked but when radeon.msi
was set to 1 or -1 (auto) the radeon device driver module caused initially
seemingly random lockups, which over time, as interrupts got generated from
input devices, the lockups have been released for a couple hundred milliseconds
until another interrupt had to be handled by the radeon device driver module.
So, I would say that the message signaling interrupt code still needs some
major work.

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