[Bug 91600] WoW crashes in OpenGL mode with Mesa, but not with NVIDIA blob

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Tue Aug 11 16:49:51 PDT 2015


--- Comment #6 from Chris Rankin <rankincj at googlemail.com> ---
FWIW, I have determined that WoW now requires OpenGL >= 3.2 when running in
OpenGL mode, and I suspect that the function call that kills WoW when running
with OpenGL < 3.2 is glDeleteSync().

Now it seems that glDeleteSync() belong to the ARB_sync extension, which Mesa
*does* advertise as part of my OpenGL 3.0 Compatibily context, so I can't say
that I completely understand what is going on here. Could there be a Mesa bug
after all, or is it more likely that the WoW client is just being sloppy?

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