[PATCHv8 00/15] HDMI CEC framework

Hans Verkuil hans.verkuil at cisco.com
Tue Aug 18 01:26:25 PDT 2015

Hi all,

The eighth version of this patchset addresses comments on the mailing list
and many changes due to the work I did on the cec-compliance and cec-ctl
utilities and due to stress-testing that uncovered a serious core design
problem that required a partial rewrite.

As far as I am concerned this version is code complete and the only thing
missing is that the documentation is out-of-sync with the current

So there will be a v9 fixing this, but since this may take some time I
decided to post a v8 so people can look at this.

Best regards,


Changes since v7

- I thought that the core thread could handle out-of-order messages, but that
  turned out to be wrong. After careful analysis I realized that I had to
  rewrite this part in cec.c in order to make it work.
- Added new CEC-specific keys to input.h and use them in the CEC rc keymap.
  these are media operations and not the Pause key on the keyboard.
- Added CEC_PHYS_ADDR_INVALID (0xffff)
- Added monitor support to monitor CEC traffic
- Replaced CAP_TRANSMIT and CAP_RECEIVE by a single CAP_IO.
- Replaced CAP_CDC by CAP_CDC_HPD since this only applies to the HPD part of
  the CDC messages.
- Add ninputs field to cec_caps to export the number of inputs of the device.
- Drop CEC_LOG_ADDRS_FL_HANDLE_MSGS and the flags field (see next change for
  more info).
- Add CEC_CLAIM and CEC_RELEASE to explicitly start/stop processing CEC messages.
  This also implies ownership of the CEC interface, so other filehandles can
  only receive but not transmit.
- Reworked event handling: report adapter state changes, input changes and
  if the message receive queue is full.
- cec-funcs.h: added CDC HEC support.
- Renamed G/S_ADAP ioctls to ADAP_G/S: this made it clearer which ioctls deal
  with the adapter configuration and which deal with CEC messages/events.
- Clarified which CEC messages are passed on to userspace and which aren't.
  Specifically if CAP_ARC is set, then all ARC messages are handled by the kernel.
  If CAP_CDC_HPD is set, then all CDC hotplug messages are handled by the kernel.
  Otherwise these messages are passed on to userspace.

Changes since v6
- added cec-funcs.h to provide wrapper functions that fill in the cec_msg struct.
  This header is needed both by the kernel and by applications.
- fix a missing rc_unregister_device call.
- added CEC support for the adv7842 and cobalt drivers.
- added CEC operand defines. Rename CEC message defines to CEC_MSG_ and operand
  defines now use CEC_OP_.
- the CEC_VERSION defines are dropped since we now have the CEC_OP_VERSION defines.
- cec-ioc-g-adap-log-addrs.xml: document cec_versions field.
- cec-ioc-g-caps.xml: drop vendor_id and version fields.
- add MAINTAINERS entry.
- add CDC support (not yet fully functional).
- add a second debug level for message debugging.
- fix a nasty kernel Oops in cec_transmit_msg while waiting for transmit completion
  (adap->tx_queue[idx].func wasn't set to NULL).
- add support for CEC_MSG_REPORT_FEATURES (CEC 2.0 only).
- correctly abort unsupported messages.
- add support for the device power status feature.
- add support for the audio return channel (preliminary).
- add support for the CDC hotplug message (preliminary).
- added osd_name to struct cec_log_addrs.
- reported physical addresses are stored internally.
- fix enabling/disabling the CEC adapter (internal fields weren't cleared correctly).
- zero reserved fields.
- return an error if you try to receive/transmit and the adapter isn't configured.
- when creating the adapter provide the owner module and the parent device.
- add a CEC_VENDOR_ID_NONE define to signal if no vendor ID was set.
- add new capabilities: RC (remote control), ARC (audio return channel) and CDC
  (Capability Discovery and Control).
- applications that want to handle messages for a logical address need to set the
  CEC_LOG_ADDRS_FL_HANDLE_MSGS flag. Otherwise the CEC core will be the one handling
  all messages.
- Each logical address has its own all_device_types value. So this should be an array,
  not a single value.
- I'm sure I've forgotten some changes...

Changes since v5
- drop struct cec_timeval in favour of a __u64 that keeps the timestamp in ns
- remove userspace documentation from Documentation/cec.txt as userspace API
  is described in the DocBook
- add missing documentation for the passthrough mode to the DocBook
- add information about the number of events that can be queued
- fix misspelling of reply
- fix behaviour of posting an event in cec_received_msg, such that the behaviour
  is consistent with the documentation

Changes since v4
- add sequence numbering to transmitted messages
- add sequence number handling to event hanlding
- add passthrough mode
- change reserved field sizes
- fixed CEC version defines and addec CEC 2.0 commands
- add DocBook documentation

Changes since v3
- remove the promiscuous mode
- rewrite the devicetree patches
- fixes, expansion and partial rewrite of the documentation
- reorder of API structures and addition of reserved fields
- use own struct to report time (32/64 bit safe)
- fix of handling events
- add cec.h to include/uapi/linux/Kbuild
- fixes in the adv76xx driver (add missing methods, change adv7604 to adv76xx)
- cleanup of debug messages in s5p-cec driver
- remove non necessary claiming of a gpio in the s5p-cec driver
- cleanup headers of the s5p-cec driver

Changes since v2
- added promiscuous mode
- added new key codes to the input framework
- add vendor ID reporting
- add the possibility to clear assigned logical addresses
- cleanup of the rc cec map

Changes since v1
- documentation edited and moved to the Documentation folder
- added key up/down message handling
- add missing CEC commands to the cec.h file


The work on a common CEC framework was started over three years ago by Hans
Verkuil. Unfortunately the work has stalled. As I have received the task of
creating a driver for the CEC interface module present on the Exynos range of
SoCs, I got in touch with Hans. He replied that the work stalled due to his
lack of time.

Original RFC by Hans Verkuil/Martin Bugge

Hans Verkuil (9):
  input.h: add BUS_CEC type
  cec: add HDMI CEC framework
  cec.txt: add CEC framework documentation
  DocBook/media: add CEC documentation
  v4l2-subdev: add HDMI CEC ops
  cec: adv7604: add cec support.
  cec: adv7842: add cec support
  cec: adv7511: add cec support.
  cobalt: add cec support

Kamil Debski (6):
  dts: exynos4*: add HDMI CEC pin definition to pinctrl
  dts: exynos4: add node for the HDMI CEC device
  dts: exynos4412-odroid*: enable the HDMI CEC device
  HID: add HDMI CEC specific keycodes
  rc: Add HDMI CEC protocol handling
  cec: s5p-cec: Add s5p-cec driver

 Documentation/DocBook/media/Makefile               |    2 +
 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/biblio.xml         |   10 +
 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-api.xml        |   75 +
 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-func-close.xml |   59 +
 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-func-ioctl.xml |   73 +
 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-func-open.xml  |   94 +
 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-func-poll.xml  |   89 +
 .../DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-adap-g-caps.xml      |  138 ++
 .../DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-adap-g-log-addrs.xml |  306 ++++
 .../DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-adap-g-phys-addr.xml |   78 +
 .../DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-adap-g-state.xml     |   87 +
 .../DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-adap-g-vendor-id.xml |   70 +
 .../DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-dqevent.xml          |  125 ++
 .../DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-g-monitor.xml        |   86 +
 .../DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-g-passthrough.xml    |   81 +
 .../DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-receive.xml          |  185 ++
 Documentation/DocBook/media_api.tmpl               |    8 +-
 Documentation/cec.txt                              |  166 ++
 .../devicetree/bindings/media/s5p-cec.txt          |   31 +
 MAINTAINERS                                        |   12 +
 arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos4.dtsi                     |   12 +
 arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos4210-pinctrl.dtsi          |    7 +
 arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos4210-universal_c210.dts    |    4 +
 arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos4x12-pinctrl.dtsi          |    7 +
 drivers/media/Kconfig                              |    6 +
 drivers/media/Makefile                             |    2 +
 drivers/media/cec.c                                | 1903 ++++++++++++++++++++
 drivers/media/i2c/adv7511.c                        |  359 +++-
 drivers/media/i2c/adv7604.c                        |  236 ++-
 drivers/media/i2c/adv7842.c                        |  250 ++-
 drivers/media/pci/cobalt/cobalt-driver.c           |   50 +-
 drivers/media/pci/cobalt/cobalt-driver.h           |    2 +
 drivers/media/pci/cobalt/cobalt-irq.c              |    3 +
 drivers/media/pci/cobalt/cobalt-v4l2.c             |  107 +-
 drivers/media/platform/Kconfig                     |   10 +
 drivers/media/platform/Makefile                    |    1 +
 drivers/media/platform/s5p-cec/Makefile            |    2 +
 drivers/media/platform/s5p-cec/exynos_hdmi_cec.h   |   37 +
 .../media/platform/s5p-cec/exynos_hdmi_cecctrl.c   |  208 +++
 drivers/media/platform/s5p-cec/regs-cec.h          |   96 +
 drivers/media/platform/s5p-cec/s5p_cec.c           |  277 +++
 drivers/media/platform/s5p-cec/s5p_cec.h           |   76 +
 drivers/media/rc/keymaps/Makefile                  |    1 +
 drivers/media/rc/keymaps/rc-cec.c                  |  174 ++
 drivers/media/rc/rc-main.c                         |    1 +
 include/media/adv7511.h                            |    6 +-
 include/media/cec.h                                |  178 ++
 include/media/rc-core.h                            |    1 +
 include/media/rc-map.h                             |    5 +-
 include/media/v4l2-subdev.h                        |    9 +
 include/uapi/linux/Kbuild                          |    2 +
 include/uapi/linux/cec-funcs.h                     | 1771 ++++++++++++++++++
 include/uapi/linux/cec.h                           |  781 ++++++++
 include/uapi/linux/input.h                         |   29 +
 54 files changed, 8341 insertions(+), 47 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-api.xml
 create mode 100644 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-func-close.xml
 create mode 100644 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-func-ioctl.xml
 create mode 100644 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-func-open.xml
 create mode 100644 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-func-poll.xml
 create mode 100644 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-adap-g-caps.xml
 create mode 100644 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-adap-g-log-addrs.xml
 create mode 100644 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-adap-g-phys-addr.xml
 create mode 100644 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-adap-g-state.xml
 create mode 100644 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-adap-g-vendor-id.xml
 create mode 100644 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-dqevent.xml
 create mode 100644 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-g-monitor.xml
 create mode 100644 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-g-passthrough.xml
 create mode 100644 Documentation/DocBook/media/v4l/cec-ioc-receive.xml
 create mode 100644 Documentation/cec.txt
 create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/media/s5p-cec.txt
 create mode 100644 drivers/media/cec.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/media/platform/s5p-cec/Makefile
 create mode 100644 drivers/media/platform/s5p-cec/exynos_hdmi_cec.h
 create mode 100644 drivers/media/platform/s5p-cec/exynos_hdmi_cecctrl.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/media/platform/s5p-cec/regs-cec.h
 create mode 100644 drivers/media/platform/s5p-cec/s5p_cec.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/media/platform/s5p-cec/s5p_cec.h
 create mode 100644 drivers/media/rc/keymaps/rc-cec.c
 create mode 100644 include/media/cec.h
 create mode 100644 include/uapi/linux/cec-funcs.h
 create mode 100644 include/uapi/linux/cec.h


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