[Bug 95911] Recursive error in radeon device driver module after resume from hibernation

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Wed May 6 09:39:07 PDT 2015


--- Comment #13 from gitne at excite.co.jp ---
This bug seems to be linked to bugs bz77181 and bz60827 too.
Mantas Mikulėnas has determined that git commit 4474f3a91f95 was the last known
good to work. archiesix has determined that this bug persists even since kernel
version 3.9.11.

It's a pity that actually *users* have to do the digging for this kind of
information. Its all there but kernel developers are obviously too tired or too
lazy to do actual work after they have spent countless hours bragging about how
genius they are in delivering fucked up work. If you can't do it, don't touch
Oh and another "secret" has been revealed: The bug is caused by ring test
failures. Wow! Who could have thought of that!

@Michel Dänzer
To answer your previous question: Yes, the bug is a regression, or sort of.

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