[Bug 97055] Black screens on A10-8780P (Carrizo) + R7 M260/M265 (Topaz) Combo

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Sun Dec 4 02:31:45 UTC 2016


--- Comment #11 from Josh <jreynaud1 at yahoo.com> ---
I too am affected by this issue. Is this issue ever going to be fixed? Who do I
need to talk to in order to get this issue properly looked into? Where can I go
to contribute my services to try and get this issue resolved? Because this was
not an issue with fglrx/Catalyst drivers. But now suddenly the new driver that
has replaced it can't handle what is expected of it. I would be more than happy
to take my complaints and possible offering of services to the proper place, so
who needs to be informed of this issue so it can finally be fixed?

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