[Bug 97055] Black screens on A10-8780P (Carrizo) + R7 M260/M265 (Topaz) Combo

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--- Comment #12 from Thomas J. Moore <darktjm at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Josh from comment #11)
> I too am affected by this issue.

It might help if you add yourself to the CC list.  Not that anyone talks on
this bug but me.

> Is this issue ever going to be fixed?

I have my doubts.  I have made efifb (nomodeset) my default boot now, so I can
at least use this machine.  Can't adjust brightness, play games or watch
full-screen videos, but I guess I'll just have to live with that.  The only way
I expect this will ever get fixed for me is if I get enough money together to
buy a new machine.

The fact is, the only changes I've noticed have been regressions.  The
non-start of X in 4.8 was fixed, but later 4.8-series kernels (and 4.9 kernels
as well) seem to crash badly (panic?  hard to tell, since I have no way of
knowing what happens when the screen is black -- I can't even get LEDs on the
keyboard to flash, since this piece of crap machine also suffers from a
non-linux-compatible keyboard: 
and my attempts to get it to log to EFI have been unsuccessful).  The crash
then forces a filesystem check on reboot, which takes forever and I don't have
the patience to deal with that any more.  I was able to get amdgpu running
"properly" (w/o power management) in 4.8.11 eventually using a 4.4.32 kernel to
do the initial boot with power management enabled, but it's still unreliable
enough that it isn't worth trying very often.

I said I wouldn't report any more on the lack of progress, but yeah, 4.8.11 and
4.9-rc7 are still complete garbage, even worse than before.

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