[Bug 106601] The internal format RGB32F should be color-renderable for texture, But mesa can not support it

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--- Comment #13 from Yunchao He <yunchao.he at intel.com> ---
(In reply to Tapani Pälli from comment #11)
> (In reply to Yunchao He from comment #10)
> > (In reply to Tapani Pälli from comment #8)
> > > What comes to conformance, you should refer to latest OpenGL spec (now being
> > > 4.6). In this case you want to render to RGB32F we should take a look at
> > > section  "9.2.5 Required Renderbuffer Formats". Since you are using a sized
> > > format, it means you need to check if driver is required to support this
> > > from column 'Req. rend" as said in 9.2.5.
> > > 
> > > That said, IMO this bug should be considered a feature request (which is
> > > fine) rather than a missing feature.
> > 
> > Sorry. Maybe the description is not clear. The issue we raised is to render
> > into a RGB32F format texture, not RGB32F format renderbuffer. 
> > 
> > For the latest OpenGL 4.6 spec, RGB32F internalformat is required by
> > texture, see Table 8.12 in GL 4.6 spec. So I think it is a missing feature
> > in mesa for Intel devices.
> 'Req. tex.' column in that table means that texture mapping with this format
> should work (sample from in a shader),  it does *not* mean that rendering to
> such format should work, for that there is column 'Req. rend.'.

Sorry, I didn't state this clearly. "Req. tex' column in Table 8.12 do means
that texture mapping with this format should work (sample from in a shader),
but whether we can render into such a format depends on "CR" column. CR is an
abbreviation of color-renderable, I think. And corresponding section about "CR"
at 9.4 "Framebuffer Completeness" do talk about rendering into such a texture
as a render target. And section 9.4 also states that it is valid to render into
such a texture (RGB32F). 

While "Req. rend" column means whether a format is required by a renderbuffer. 

So, according to Table 8.12, RGB32F should be used as a color buffer via fbo in
latest GL 4.6 spec. When we attach a texture with RGB32F internal format to fbo
as color attachment, generating "framebuffer incomplete" in mesa for Intel
devices is incorrect.

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