liboutput: thoughts about shared library on top of DRM/KMS

Neil Armstrong narmstrong at
Tue Oct 8 07:52:12 UTC 2019


On 05/10/2019 18:09, Keith Packard wrote:
> During XDC this year, we heard a few presentations and had a lot of
> hallway talk about sharing code for driving DRM/KMS for display.
> I think the general consensus is that there is enough shared
> functionality between all of the various DRM/KMS clients that we can
> start thinking about building a library that deals with the complexity
> of DRM/KMS and can help take full advantage of the hardware.

Seeing the description, it seems to be a libdrm with steroids,
why libdrm doesn't handle all this already ?

Is there a plan to maybe use it as a foundation for projects like
wlroots or drm_hwcomposer for example ?


> I've started writing up some ideas, mostly just goals, but also some
> random thoughts about how this might work. This is all in the
> 'liboutput' project on
> I picked a spot in the 'xorg' namespace, not to confine this to X
> systems, but to reflect the goal that this be a library shared across
> all projects, including Wayland compositors, EGL and
> Vulkan direct applications and the X server.
> All there is at this point is a file; I'd like to generate
> some consensus on a direction for the project before we start writing
> any actual design documents.
> Please submit MRs to that repo, or respond to this email as you prefer.
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