[Bug 111077] link_shader and deserialize_glsl_program suddenly consume huge amount of RAM

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(In reply to Marek Olšák from comment #21)
> How do I reproduce it?

Looks like the trace file is too large to be attached here. I've put the file
on my server to access: http://rptd.ch/misc/debug/deigde.trace.7z

Replaying that trace shows the problematic behavior.

With the commit reverted the trace loads very fast and memory consumption goes
up normally. With the commit not reverted loading takes long and memory
consumption jumps by 4G roughly.

Frame 0 is maybe a bit tricky to evaluate. Here the game engine does OpenGL
capability detection and and OpenGL implementation error checks. So you will
find various warnings, errors and such which only serve the purpose to figure
out if what the OpenGL claims to support is actually really supported.

Frame 2279 is where the loading takes place. This is no more detection code so
if anything is wrong in there then it's of interest.

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