[Bug 111763] ring_gfx hangs/freezes on Navi gpus

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Mon Sep 23 02:46:21 UTC 2019


--- Comment #1 from Jeremy Attali <jeremy.attali at gmail.com> ---
Not sure if that might help someone else, but I found a workaround in my case
with DOOM. I was having the same crashes as Marko described with Starcraft II,
I tried the following:

- In Steam, I disabled the In Game Steam Overlay
- I switched the Graphics API from OpenGL to Vulkan

I did not have any crash so far. But I haven't tried to isolate one or the

linux 5.3.arch1-1
linux-firmware-agd5f-radeon-navi10 2019.
mesa-git 1:19.3.0_devel.115574.40087ffc5b9-1
vulkan-radeon-git 1:19.3.0_devel.115574.40087ffc5b9-1
libdrm 2.4.99-1
lib32-mesa-git 1:19.3.0_devel.115574.40087ffc5b9-1
lib32-vulkan-radeon-git 1:19.3.0_devel.115574.40087ffc5b9-1
lib32-libdrm 2.4.99-1

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