[Bug 207383] [Regression] 5.7-rc: amdgpu/polaris11 gpf: amdgpu_atomic_commit_tail

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Sat May 2 16:03:21 UTC 2020


--- Comment #9 from Duncan (1i5t5.duncan at cox.net) ---
I'm not there yet but it's starting to look like a possibly dud bisect:
everything showing good so far.  Maybe I didn't wait long enough for the bug to
trigger at some step and I'm running up the wrong side of the tree, or maybe
it's not drm after all (I thought I'd try something new and limit the paths to
drivers/gpu/drm/ and include/drm/, but that may have been a critical mistake). 
Right now there's only 3-4 even remotely reasonable candidates (out of 14 left
to test... the rest being mediatek or similar):

Peter Xu
mm: allow VM_FAULT_RETRY for multiple times

Jason Gunthorpe
mm/hmm: remove HMM_FAULT_SNAPSHOT

Christoph Hellwig
mm: simplify device private page handling in hmm_range_fault

And maybe (but I'm neither EFI nor 32-bit)

Mikel Rychliski
PCI: Use ioremap(), not phys_to_virt() for platform ROM

Meanwhile, user-side I've gotten vulkan/mesa/etc updates recently.  I'm
considering checking out linus-master/HEAD again, doing a pull, and seeing if
by chance either the last week's kernel updates or the user-side updates have
eliminated the problem.  If not I can come back and finish the bisect (or try
just reverting those four on current linus-master/HEAD), before starting a new
clean bisect if necessary.  Just saved the bisect log and current pointer.

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